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in the Russian government banned foreigners in Russia engaged in the retail "zero ban" came into force, the majority of exports to Russia businesses jittery at the same time, from Russia came the latest news: due to leave China merchants, many local residents were panic buying. Called on local authorities to take positive action to Russia, to prevent the market crisis in Russia Ussuriysk, issued by the city Duma representatives request, hope to be able to exert influence to the federal government and the State Duma, allowed to stay in the local Chinese. Yesterday, by the city of Sichuan, western shoe company and other non-governmental organizations led by the civil response agencies launched the relevant preparatory work. It is reported that, after the establishment of the institution, will become the country's first to resolve the Russian "zero ban" crisis of civil response agencies, the purpose is to make Chengdu shoes from formal channels re-enter the Russian market. aims to form a Sino Russian footwear industry alliance it is understood that the group had Sichuan Western Shoes Co. Ltd., Beijing Sino Russian International Investment Consultants Ltd. and several Chengdu local shoe enterprises to participate in. The goal is through non-governmental organizations matchmaking, promote Sino Russian government departments and related groups of economic cooperation, establish cooperative relations with institutions and Industry Association of Russia, formed the Russian footwear industry alliance, to cheap foamposites for sale help Chengdu footwear enterprises through the "zero ban" difficulties, ultimately promote the Chinese shoes trade with russia. "dig through the Russian shoe trade market potential, in the form of industrial alliance, by government guidance, to industry organizations, industry management institutions and enterprises as the main body, the formation of Sino Russian footwear industry alliance to promote Chinese shoes exports to russia." Peng Jun introduced, after the establishment of China Russia footwear industry alliance, will greatly promote the Sino Russian footwear trade, and will strive to build a national industrial alliance covering China's footwear trade in russia. way to borrow "China year" Dongfeng platform "2007 is just Russia 'China years', this is a good opportunity." According to Peng Jun, the Committee has already made preliminary plans for 2007 , the provincial labor department data, deal with the enterprise collapse prevention Express News (reporter Wen'an intern correspondent Guo Runlin Liang Jiamin) once the enterprise bankruptcy, the labourer's life will be difficult to guarantee. The day before, the Provincial Department of labor and social security measures can prevent, will focus on monitoring signs of enterprises have closed down. Once the enterprise fails, the funds will be raised in various ways to give priority to the return of the employees. It is reported that for , the worker has participated in the unemployment insurance, social insurance ag jordan 3 katrina 2018 encies will open a green channel service, with the fastest time to pay unemployment insurance benefits for the bankrupt enterprise employees to provide training, occupation occupation introduction service assistance, through the admission release employment information, enterprise organization admission recruitment methods to help enterprises closed down for re employment as soon as possible. (Editor: admin)After seeing Reebok Classic All-Star all star series, sweet Valentine's day limited edition also will debut. Or in the Reebok brand shoes Question blueprint for the design, the continuation of last year rose red color, silver ornament and love pattern collocation details in the heel, crystal bottom silver decorative paper. If you don't pick a good gift for the goddess, may wish to look at the shelves will be landing in February 9th new. BbsImg142308434952015_620_554.jpg (87.23 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Question Mid Valentine's day limited edition 2015-2-5 08:48 upload BbsImg142308435355824_620_430.jpg (49.47 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Question Mid Valentine's day limited edition 2015-2-5 08:48 upload BbsImg142308435827001_620_430.jpg (69.5 KB, download number: 0) download Reebok Question Mid Valentine's day limited edition 2015-2-5 08:48 upload Nike recently re released by the two engraved shoes Air 180 Safari Sole and the composition of the new series, using a black color and a lake blue dotted with Safari decoration in the end, another is to choose blue jordans on sale online shoes making, with white and blue Safari decoration in the end, two new products are very eye-catching interested friends, please be sure to lock the recent sale of information. 1405746399076_720x450.jpg (199.96 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air 180 "Safari Sole Pack" 2014-7-19 13:47 upload 1405746400262_720x450.jpg (131.96 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air 180 "Safari Sole Pack" 2014-7-19 upload 13:47 1405746399752_720x450.jpg (220.97 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air 180 "Safari Sole Pack" 2014-7-19 13:47 upload 1405746399820_720x450.jpg (136.26 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air 180 "Safari Sole Pack" 2014-7-19 13:47 upload 1405746400848_720x450.jpg (133.24 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air 180 "Safari Sole Pack" 2014-7-19 13:47 upload 1405746398735_720x450.jpg (225.84 KB, download number: 0) download Nike Air 180 "Safari Sole Pack" 2014-7-19 13:47 upload 1405746400862_720x450.jp0a 39 inch wheel diameter of the bike into our eye, how to ride a super large wheel diameter? 29er bike we already feel just, then a large wheel diameter has been very difficult to accept, and now also proposed the 39 inch super bike. in fact, the image is an artist with software rendering out of the picture, detailed ideas are done, the car next to a wooden stick in the support of the frame of the way, this is just a picture. want to have a better mountain pass performance than the 29er wheel diameter of the car, seemingly only through the increase in wheel dia Cheap foamposites for sale meter to achieve the wheel diameter is increased, the front wheel is likely to touch the foot in turn, this need to move the front wheel and the head tube position. Long tube of the handlebar position, use also cannot be controlled, in order to solve this problem, the designer to simulate the model of the head tube design. The forward position of the head tube, we maintain a comfortable position of conventional handlebar position, use chain and gear drive steering. In this way, a certain proportion of steering angle can be achieved through the conversion of gear ratio. this bike has become so big that it is hard to imagine how it can be manipulated. 39 inch wheel diameter size of a bicycle frame design a 68 the head tube angle, 72.5 the vertical pipe angle and 314mm of the BB five height. Reach (extension) 440mm, with the 637mm of the upper tube length, the above is the car's L code geometric design parameters. These data look very strange. After measuring fork length for 637mm, and car wheelbase length is reached the 1487mm, very long, refresh our three outlooks. Nike LeBron X "What The MVP" is regarded as a classic by fans because of its rare quantity and unique value. And CWhitt Customs recently put this shoe element perfectly transplanted to the Nike Air Max LeBron X Low above, vamp, midsole, lining, details everywhere! in the Clippers against the Nuggets in the Christmas War, the Losangeles Clippers at home 112 to 100 victory over the visiting Denver nuggets, Hao 14 winning streak. The new Jord jordans for sale an Brand family to join Griffin on foot a pair of the newest Jordan Super.Fly Christmas PE, although the shoes with white color, but left with dark green embellishment, right foot with red outline, this Christmas Yuanyang is very eye-catching. 2012-12-27 08:14 upload and download attachments (168.25 KB) 2012-12-27 08:14 upload download attachment (169.21, KB) 2012-12-27 08:15 upload download attachment (253.32, KB) after pop art theme of "super" series, Adidas originals and Rita ora together again launched a new "O-Ray. The series of the same in street style clothing as the main line, through the large area x-ray images of the body printing and thermal color chart combined with the performance of the theme. In addition to the hoodies, tight pants, shorts and vest, overwhelmed by the supporting shoes also joined the superstar and SML shoes profile as a blueprint, and also subjected to X-ray style decorative elements vamp. The series will be available for sale in March 1st, interested friends can be purchased through the Originals Adidas store. when the identification of hot line of guest shoes, to support Ma fight against fakes!! Download the installation and grab a shoe artifact APP-- immediately when the guest artifact!! WeChat search "dunkhome", open the WeChat service number to the lower right corner can be downloaded and installed!! source: HBCLOT this time and was born in 1971 Stan Smith tennis shoe for cooperation, just as this year's adidas Originals Stan Smith launched a strong return Cheap jordans online engraved sections of shoes, this black as the main colors, hot shoe tongue and back texture embellishment, very personal design, this shoe will be jointly owned CLOT JUICE all the shops in the February 8 the first to hit the shelves, interested friends can go to a local store or online store to buy.East View sports hole 2017 years, averaging 35.2 points, KD FMVP deserved. 2016, the first crown, back to Cleveland This for you award!! James or James who got the FMVP position, which is in existence since 2011 to verify the success of Iguodala law, law is the best law. 2014, Leonard James Limited Limited good offensive performance is also very good. 2012 James beat the young thunder three, led the heat won the Obrien cup, this is James's first championship trophy and FMVP. 2013, the heat beat the Spurs won two consecutive championships, James personal FMVP Lian Zhuang two. 2008, a leather team finally came to help, he and Allen Garnett, ray teamed up to win the championship, 2012, a veteran gathered in Dallas to do the final sprint for my dream. Kobe has led the two consecutive individual. Kobe finally proved himself, he led the team in the finals against the magic, winning the championship, also won her first FMVP trophy. 2007, that is the life of Parke peak, knights have no way for him. 2006, let Austria fat man hold the thigh, the peak of the flash only in the eyes of the basket. 2005, this is the lowest ratings in twenty-first Century finals, but is particularly fierce, two master of defense against the Spurs, finally had the last laugh, Duncan named FMVP. 2004, grassroots victory over the Lakers piston luxury F4, directly scattered opponent. For the piston, they all are soldiers, FMVP finally to their brain -- Billups. 2003, Duncan once again led the team to win the championship, he in the finals this year in the first field hit 32 points 20 rebounds and 6 assists 3 off the 7 cap epic data. 2002, OK victory over the nets won three consecutive championships, construct the dynasty, O'neal re elected FMVP. 2001, the pinnacle of the shark ruled both ends. The offensive end, he broke the defensive player Mutombo; defensive end, he limited the scoring of Iverson inside scoring. 2000, O'neal dreams finally won the championship, for the inside of the invincible big guy, FMVP is the best compliment. 1999, the debut Duncan led the team to win the top, and won the FMVP. a person can influence the two dynasties, but also there is no other rogue Joe 1996, the first time Jordan retired after the return to the stadium, and immediately led the bulls to win the championship. 1〉AIR JORDAN 9 can be regarded as Jordan is on behalf of shoes in a relatively unpopular section, the overall design of shoes simple, hidden in the soles of the mystery, and let more people around the world to pay attention to basketball this sport. So without further ado, we look at the internal structure of AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO JORDAN 9 RETRO AIR, to understand the appearance of friends here AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO 308370-112 2016 December 03, 1399RMB , James, ·, Johnson (James, Johnson), foot AIR, JORDAN 9, RETRO left foot cut from the middle left foot profile, front and rear palms are built with NIKE AIR air cushion, built with arches, TPU support plate, integrated midsole the arch TPU support plate is buried in the midsole, and the dots on the left are part of the cross section of the air cushion, separate the vamp from the take out the inside boot back of inner boot black insole, followed by retro SWOOSH LOGO cloth in the bottom 07301615, with the same positive seal: seal box bottom cloth printed on the back: AIR, JORDAN 9, RETRO, F38429, M, S, 9#, , right AIR JORDAN 9 RETRO midsole is an integral midsole will slow down the overall technology package NIKE AIR air cushion sole US 9/42.5 NIKE AIR air cushion sole ca. 80.02 mm US 9/42.5 NIKE AIR air cushion sole width of about 79.71 mm The arch TPU support plate is the form that exists with the midsole, and the incised middle portion of the arch is removed from the arch TPU support plate on the arch TPU support board: AJ8 7-115, L, left 7 US 9/42.5 arch, TPU support plate, ca. 59.44 mm, US 9/42.5 arch TPU support plate, width ca. 26 mm, US 9/42.5 arch, TPU support plate, thickness about 2.84 mm, NIKE AIR back cushion US 9/42.5 as NIKE air AIR ca. 76.63 mm US 9/42.5 as NIKE air AIR about 57.72 mm wide US 9/42.5 locates in the middle of bottom outsole + 17.15 mm thick US 9/42.5 in the bottom +〉Stussy x Undefeated x The North Face three party joint boots 2013-12-08 22:43:18, San Francisco famous mountaineering equipment brand The North Face in recent years, emerging in the tide of the world, with the joint efforts of the major brands to make its popularity increasing. After successfully teamed up two brand Stussy and Undefeated in the last year to get very high response, this year three big brands continue to bring us the autumn and winter of 2012 quarter of joint single product. Today to recommend the Stussy x Undefeated x The North Face 2012 "Back To Berkeley" and Nubuck Boots with olive green nubuck leather fabric to create, with dual color fluorescent yellow tie, this shoe is the most striking is the use of tiger shoes camouflage element body.Medicom Toy x NSW Lunar Force 2013-12-08 22:47:51 1 real exposure a few days ago we reported the famous Japanese toy maker Medicom Toy hand again old friend NikeSportswear, NSW in this year's blockbuster single product Lunar Force 1 as a blueprint, created by the Medicom Toy x NSW Lunar; Force 1 joint series, third this is the successful cooperation of both sides. Today, this suite of two Lunar Force 1 finally officially appeared, in which Black / white color inspiration from the 10th anniversary generation version of 2, white / Blue / orange inspiration comes from the previous cooperation between the classic SB Dunk Low. This package is not yet available for sale, and we will pay close attention to its latest news, please pay close attention to our follow-up reports.